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We know that nutrition in the Big Easy can feel quite difficult. Instead of going from diet to diet and feeling all-or-nothing about food, you can work with our team of nutrition experts to develop sustainable and stress-free nutrition habits. 

Your ErgoFit dietitians are your guide to living your most energetic life!

Click below to request information on our individualized coaching options, group programs, and more. We accept insurance!

Nutrition Offerings

ErgoFuel Summer Challenge

There's no denying that the summer heat takes a toll on our nutrition and fitness. This time of year can make it challenging to stay hydrated, keep up with your movement routine, and make strong nutrition choices. 


The ErgoFuel Nutrition Challenge is here to help you tidy up your habits and make headway on your nutrition, hydration, and fitness goals. This challenge begins on Tuesday, May 28, and you will spend 3 weeks working on specific nutrition habits customized to your personal needs; there’s no cookie cutter rules or good/bad food lists. How good will it feel to stay consistent and on track?

With a private group chat and a leaderboard for the points you earn each week, this challenge delivers friendly competition to support each other’s best habits! 

Let's skip the summer slump and build our habits for our healthiest summer yet. Click below to get started!

Image by Rachel Park


"I'm happy to report that my cholesterol is the lowest I've ever seen it!!! Even being on a statin for so long it was still high or barely at the normal cut off. Now this is the lowest LDL I've ever seen in my own labs! I'm so proud of myself and the tangible result of the changes I've made with Autumn."

- Maria C., 1:1 Coaching Grad

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