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About ErgoFit

More Than A Gym

ErgoFit is more than a fitness studio. It is a place for all New Orleanians to learn, grow, and share a passion for health and fitness. 

Row | Bike | Ski

Our Story

ErgoFit is founded by three former collegiate rowers: Jonathan DeJean (LSU ‘12), John Huppi (Tulane ‘11) and Hannah Huppi (Tulane ‘11). After competing against each other in college, three reconnected in 2015 to provide indoor rowing opportunities for New Orleans-area youth via the New Orleans Rowing Club. With a passion for group fitness and rowing, Jonathan, John, and Hannah formed ErgoFit to open up the world of indoor rowing (plus biking and skiing) to all New Orleanians. In 2021, they purchased the historic site on Magazine and opened to the public in 2022. 

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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