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The Workout

ErgoFit classes are the perfect way to get a fun, high-intensity, full body workout. Every class is low-impact and provides opportunities for everyone from beginner to expert. 


The Class

Every class includes two components: ErgoSplit and ErgoHIIT. Every class is different, but you can always expect to get a fun, full-body workout that includes resistance training on the TRX/weights and interval training on the Ergs.


The class completes a specific workout on the Erg machines. During 45 minute classes, you will row + ski or bike. During 1 hour classes, you will row + ski + bike. The workouts will vary in length and type (i.e. short intervals, pyramid), and you will be able to track all of your results and progress using ErgZone. 



This is the HIIT component of each class. Your coach will run you through a dynamic circuit that includes everything from free weights, to TRX suspension training, to body weight exercises, to quick-hits on the Ergs. 

Once a month, we will offer a FREE, 30 minute, ErgoFit Fundamentals Clinic. Sign up on the ErgoFit app, or inquire at the front desk. 

The Equipment



The RowErg mimics the motion of rowing. It gives you an unparalleled workout, providing both aerobic exercise and full-body strength training. Through a smooth, low-impact motion, the RowErg engages all of your major muscle fact, 86% of your muscles are engaged during each stroke!


This is not your traditional spin bike. The BikeErg is a stationary bike that uses the same flywheel design as the RowErg and SkiErg. The flywheel puts you in full control of your exertion and resistance at all times. The BikeErg engages the major muscle groups in the lower body - and is a great calorie burner!



The SkiErg simulates the movement of nordic skiing. It targets your arms, core, and legs in a continuous skiing motion. The machine delivers one of the toughest workouts around, developing both strength and endurance. It is also very versatile, accommodating everyone from elite athletes, to complete beginners.

Weights + TRX

At ErgoFit, we incorporate a variety of exercises that utilize free weights, body weight, and TRX suspension training. These movements are designed to improve strength, muscle tone, and mobility. Our coaches work with all of our clients to provide the proper variations to meet specific levels and abilities.

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