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ErgoFit offers a variety of classes that will bring balance and fun to your workout routine. Every class is low-impact and is suitable for all levels - from beginner to expert. 


ErgoFit Signature

ErgoFit Signature is our traditional full-body circuit! The 45-minute class combines high-energy interval work on the Ergs with dynamic strength training using the TRX and Dumbbells. The class is broken up into 4 sections: Rowing, Biking or Skiing (you choose!), TRX, and Weights.


ErgoTri is the ultimate full-body circuit! This 60-minute class utilizes all of the ErgoFit equipment, taking you on a journey that includes Rowing, Biking, Skiing, TRX, Dumbbells, and floor exercises. 


ErgoBurn brings a spicy combination of cardio and core. With a focus on endurance, you will spend the majority of the 45-minute workout rowing, biking, and skiing. Every class includes a core circuit that puts the "burn" in ErgoBurn!


ErgoFlow is a 60-minute class that combines light cardio with a yoga flow to help you recover and reset. Starting on the RowErg or BikeErg, you will focus on technique, breath work and posture. You'll transition into a series of asanas that will recharge your body and your mind.

Specialty Programs

Mom & Me

Mom & Me is a rehab-based program that helps new moms regain strength and confidence in the gym. It is open to moms under 1 year postpartum. Babies are welcome in class (under 6-months at start of program). Contact us for more information.

Youth Conditioning

ErgoFit's youth conditioning program is the perfect way for high school athletes to stay in shape over the summer, learn new skills, and have fun experiencing new sports and equipment! Contact us for more information.


The Longevity program is designed to be a culturally aware fitness program for adults ages 50+ aimed at improving functional fitness - being able to move more powerfully, gracefully, efficiently, intentionally, confidently and with less pain - in everyday activities. Contact us for more information.

Private Groups

ErgoFit loves to work with school groups, sports teams, non-profits, and businesses! If you would like to set up a single-session, or private-program at the facility, we'd love to chat! Contact us to set up a call or tour.

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The RowErg mimics the motion of rowing. It gives you an unparalleled workout, providing both aerobic exercise and full-body strength training. Through a smooth, low-impact motion, the RowErg engages all of your major muscle fact, 86% of your muscles are engaged during each stroke!


This is not your traditional spin bike. The BikeErg is a stationary bike that uses the same flywheel design as the RowErg and SkiErg. The flywheel puts you in full control of your exertion and resistance at all times. The BikeErg engages the major muscle groups in the lower body - and is a great calorie burner!



The SkiErg simulates the movement of nordic skiing. It targets your arms, core, and legs in a continuous skiing motion. The machine delivers one of the toughest workouts around, developing both strength and endurance. It is also very versatile, accommodating everyone from elite athletes, to complete beginners.

Weights + TRX

At ErgoFit, we incorporate a variety of exercises that utilize free weights, body weight, and TRX suspension training. These movements are designed to improve strength, muscle tone, and mobility. Our coaches work with all of our clients to provide the proper variations to meet specific levels and abilities.

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